Well, we are back on track, back in the saddle, and offering this up to you for your consumption!  The first chance to hear our thoughts on the Jedi Fallen Order reveal and whether it will succeed or fail, along with a chance to talk PSN name changes.  Matt and Rob also take turns this week outwitting one another with the See you Soon Playstation Drop.  It's a great episode, short, sweet, and to the point and it is here for you!  Like, share and subscribe!

April 12, 2019

GameStop Woes

This week we spoke about Gamestop's tragic news, well, possibly tragic news, from last week of their gigantic losses from last quarter.  We also covered Rob's obsession with Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, the latest Playstation news, and how little there was that game out last week for games.  It's a solid, fun episode, so come on in and join the conversation!

This week we focus on three topics, Division 2 and our love for the loot based shooter after some time with it, Rob's impressions of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice as he slowly burns through it, and Google's Stadia as a concept ahead of its time, and a threat to potential parts of the gaming industry.  Come on in and respond to our thoughts with yours!

This week we cover the last week's news, we cover the blog drop from last week, and most importantly, we talk about our favorite gameplay mechanics!  Rob has a lot to say, a laundry list of mechanics he loves, while Matt tries to remember what he actually wanted to say!  Come in, listen, and tell us your favorite gameplay mechanics!

March 14, 2019

Games that comfort us

This week, we highlight the latest news, the ps drop, and most importantly, what games we need when we want comforted in times of stress or otherwise. We think we made some important decisions, not just on games, but what it is about them that comforts us. We also have a bare bones experience this week as we had some tech issues, so bare with us we will be up and running next week.

Anthem, Division 2, Destiny 2, Apex Legends, Fallout 76, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, and even Call of Duty and Battlefield are all vying for the attention of gamers not over a period of weeks or months, but years.  This is the era of Games as a Service, but are they GaaS-ing the market to a saturation point?  Single Player games are not leaving, but when does the slice of the pie become to thin to justify the costs of development?  We wonder what the future of these games hold, and why they never launch in the right state, and if it even matters if they do.  This is all pondered on this week's episode, plus we have some real gems dropping into the store last week.  An episode you will not want to miss as we dissect the gaming market.

God Eater 3, Jumpforce, Far Cry New Dawn, and Anthem all came out in February; every single one of them flopped, and we want to know why. We discuss the small success of Metro Exodus as it head away from failure territory, and if Trials Fusion might be the best game to come out this month as we hope March will save us from an average February. We also highlight the PS Drop, talk about what we've been playing, and have a little discussion over the news of the week. Come on in.

This week we tackle what can only be described as the biggest Battle Royale showdown out there.  We discuss why Rob believes Fortnite could lose the Battle Royal Battle(?), while Matt talks about something new, Fortnite, and how he believes his game could remain on top.  Oh, and of course our Two Minute Review Segment is back, as Matt talk's this month's PS PLUS game GunHouse and Rob covers the Hong Kong Massacre.  Loads of PS games also came out this past week, including FC: New Dawn, so we highlight those as well.

We are back to continue our conversation with Arthur from last week as we talk more about the community around gaming, narratives, and gaming in general. Come on in and listen!  Do not forget our giveaway ends Feb 15th to earn you a copy of the game!

In Part 1 of this episode Matt and I talk Sword Legacy Omen impressions from our gameplay experiences (no spoilers) and then interview the narrative head behind Sword Legacy Omen, Fableware Narrative Design's Arthur Protasio! We speak on narrative design, the game industry, the ins and outs of SLO's development, starting a studio, and more! It's an intellectual, game-driven good time you will not want to miss!  Oh, and we want to give away a copy of the game too!

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