This is it.  After a week of waiting to see what would happen, we decided the internet needed to solve the biggest issue of the week:  Final Fantasy VII's Tifa's erhm, new size.  We take it on, Matt has some angry thoughts, and Rob tries a more balanced analytical approach.  Either way, this is a conversation to be had.  We also take on a read question about next gen, talk about upcoming PSN games, and meta-quip it to the max reading some reviews for our little game!

Well, well, E3 is in the books, and with it came a lot of fall games. Some expected, some unexpected, and some still up for a definitive date. This week we take a look at everything coming out, Rob picks out his favorites, while Matt is well, less enthusiastic about the games coming. We also talk whether or not there will be losers in terms of sales, and notice an interesting trend among all the games releasing. We cover your weekly releases, and once again discuss what we are playing, including a lot of VR.

This week a short, but not so short review of Flump Studio's Horizon Shift '81, out on the PSN store June 11th! We've spent some time with it, and in short cover everything from menus to game play to what we love about it. We have a discussion around what weapons we enjoy most, and generally share our experience after sinking several hours into it.  Come on in!  Review copy provided by Flump Studios and Funbox Media Limited.

Just like Hideo Kojima proves he was not just standing around or taking his time, but busy crafting what is shaping up to be the most anticipated game this year.  We talk our reactions to the Death Stranding news, what we hope it will be, and spend a little time focused on what we think could be a great cosmetic item for reconnecting America.  

Nioh 2 Alpha released this week and we could not wait to talk about our impressions after spending a few hours with it.  We cover what is new, what is old, what we enjoyed, and our one gripe so far with it all. Plus, there is a ton, ton of PS5 and PS news this week and we tried to make sure you get every detail you needed from us! Lastly, we check out the drop, and talk about what we are most excited for as this week brings a killer game to PSVR. 

This week we wanted to talk about the biggest news in gaming; so big not even the employees knew about it!  SonySoft, as we call it.  Microsoft and Sony announced a strategic partnership, but that does not mean the console era or friendly competition is over.  We break it down and try to determine what this may actually mean for Sony and Microsoft, and how Stadia fits into the puzzle.  It's a worthwhile conversation, plus who doesn't love hearing Matt's inability to read, and Rob's horrible made up phrases.  Don't miss out!

This week we look back at Sony's recent State of Play to determine if it was everything we hoped it would be, if it managed expectations, or if Sony fans walked away disappointed again. We also want to make sure we covered Ghost Recon: Breakpoint and its reveal; will it solve the problems of Wildlands? Last, but not least, we highlight another indie game in our two minute review: this time it's One More Level's God's Trigger.  

Matt is on fire this week as we discuss the PS PLUS situation for May. Loads of folks are not happy, but do they have the right to be?  What dictates value for the PS PLUS subscription, and what has the value of games looked like over the past year?  We also cover the PS BLOG, and learn that both Rob and Matt need more sleep.

April 29, 2019

Are Zombie Days Gone?

Are Zombie Days Gone?  Are we suffering from zombie game fatigue?  What does this mean for the Last of Us and for Dying Light 2?  Or are the two latest to the franchise of zombie games (Days Gone and World War Z) getting an unfair shakedown based on timing and expectations?  We cover this, Matt mocks Rob for missing a PS PLUS download and we discuss out May PS PLUS predictions. Rob and Matt cover the latest games coming out on the PS4 ecosystem for the week of April 28th.  Oh, and the guys both love Mortal Kombat 11 as they try to decide who might be the better kombatant.  Come on in and share in the latest podcast from two consumers of all things video games.

April 23, 2019

PS5 Hype Begins

This week we look back at Playstation's cheeky little announcement in Wired magazine regarding the Playstation 5.  We recap everything we know, but also speculate on other specs, release date, launch games, and what already announced games will move to the system.  Oh, and for an added bonus keep track of every time Matt says wow with a shot!  Metaquip also returns this week as we play with some of the newer releases.

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