This week PS NOW finally caught up with Xbox Game Pass as Sony seems to be prepping for next generation, and recognizing the tea leaves of the future. We discuss if it is too little too late, or if throwing in some of the best first party exclusives and a rotation of games will be enough to convince anyone to dive in who has not already. We cover the rest of last week's biggest news, our love to Switch grows, and Matt and Rob enjoy seeing what is out this past week on the PSN.

This week we review the state of play, discuss the games revealed, and how it might have been the best one we've seen yet. We also cover the expectations, and and highlight our new love for the Nintendo Switch (Lite).

This week we hit up the news a bit early in the week to talk Gamestop's woes, Ubisoft's lack of support for smaller titles moving forward, and how this all can begin to shape what should already be an interesting 2020.  We also hit up the PS Drop, or at least Matt does, and discover that this week is a bit quieter as we head into the mega Fall gaming lineups.

September 18, 2019

What Are Yakuza Doing to us?

This week we cover what we've been playing of course, but we also dive into some news surrounding Playstation hits, the departure of a creative director from a studio with a game still very much in development, and tackle the burning question of genre changes among established series.  Our focus for this week, Yakuza 7 and its' shifting genre to action RPG.  We also highlight demo progress and our desire to see more games save your progress if you've worked through the opening, or if you've leveled your character to a certain point. Lastly, it's the best week ever for video game releases.  Well, not ever, but the best week yet this year.  

August 27, 2019

Remnant, PS5 and Control

This week we address PS5 rumors, talk why we are so hyped for Control (spoilercast next week) and cover Remnant from the Ashes, or Rob's love of it. We also cover some of the bigger topics from the week and explore what's coming out on the PSN! 

August 21, 2019

THQ Dominates the News

This week we go a little long on the news, so much that it dominates the conversation.  We cover the important topics regarding studio acquisitions, collector's editions, and more as we slowly realize 90% of the news this week came from THQ Nordic.  Plus we show off how much we love the PS BLOG Drop, and Rob never shuts up again about Greedfall.

That's right, I am sure every other podcast wants to cover it, and if not, we will! This week we look at whether the end of an era in loot boxes is coming, or if the ESA will fail to uphold those standards, or even be around to enforce them. Plus we cover a bunch of other good news, and lastly, tackle the newest and best on the PS blog.

New week, new podcast. We had a rough time between Rob's tongue twisters to Matt's tech issues, but we survived! Here we are to talk about Playstation's new tournaments, Ray Tracing, and Death Stranding as a revolutionary new way to play games! We dive into some news, and of course, give you the latest games released on Playstation. Come on in!

This week we tackle a variety of topics.  We hit up the value of EA Access on the PS4 and who it might be for right now, we cover the Big Summer PSN 4 Week sale by talking about some of the games worth buying while on sale, and Rob wraps it up by covering the games coming out the rest of the year that you will probably miss because of Borderlands and COD and others that tend to dominate the news.  We have some mic issues clearly too we need to work out!  Enjoy!

This week is slow for news, but we have you covered with an in case you missed it listing off some of the actual news to come out of gaming for Playstation. We get into more serious discussion around Avengers, Crystal Dynamics SDCC gameplay seems to suggest the Avengers has an Avenger problem. We dive into what that actually means and how it could be rectified. We then cover the other big gaming related news, Witcher on Netflix and how amazing it looks. Of course, it would be hard to forget a discussion around the disappointing PS PLUS games coming out for August. Lastly, we wrap it all up with a nod to the games coming out this week on Playstation.

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