It's a packed episode this week.  First up, we giveaway a wonderful game this week in Freedom Finger, which we give our impressions surrounding it in all its indie goodness. We discuss how it's for, and whether or not it's worth a a full price purchase, on sale, or if you should pass on it completely.  Afterwards, we explore the many many delays of 2020.  What else can be pushed back, and what does this all mean for the rest of the year, PS5 included?  We hit on some of the rest of the big stories of the week, and tackle the latest in the PS Blog drop!

January 15, 2020

Decoding PS5’s Secret

This past week Sony said the best PS5 news is yet to come, and yet they told us plenty more about the future.  So what do we think it is?  We kick around a few ideas.  Plus, Exit the Gungeon is coming soon to consoles, Metacritic announces its games of the decade,  and this week there must be at least four Atelier games we have to read off.  It's a week full of the good news about Playstation and the world surrounding it!

January 8, 2020

Toss a coin to 2020

New episode and new decade!  This week we make our January debut as we discuss The Witcher 3 Renaissance from the Netflix bump, and what games are coming in 2020.  Will they be a commercial success, failure, or somewhere in between.  We take our best stab in the dark based on our own knowledge, and little bit of bias too.  There's no blog drop, but plenty of kick ass games on sale as well too.  Come on and join us by the fire kids for another episode!

December 23, 2019

Games of the Decade

Wow, the holiday means almost no new news to report. However, we refuse to take a week off, and Matt has compiled some of his most notable games of the decade year by year, while Rob made a list of games and the impact they had on the way we play games. It's not exhaustive by any means, but highlights the decade that was gaming from 2010 to 2019. Oh, and we are amazed how many games are coming out this week on the PS Blog too!

We have a special guest this week in Dimitri Adoniou, creator and developer on LoveSick Darlings, a Visual Novel currently live on Kickstarter. He comes by to talk to us about his game, how it can be for more than weebs and anime fans, how Danganronpa and Va-11-Hall-A are the standard for visual novels, and what he wants to share in common with them. Will it come to Switch? Dimitri reveals why that is the perfect platform for VNs. Lastly, we also cover the question he gets asked the most about his game and explore the ins and outs of making a visual novel.

Well, this is awkward. We covered the news from the past week , talked about the blog drop for this week, and of course, gave it a go on what we thought might show up at the Sony State of Play on Tuesday December 10th. How did we do? Well, take a listen at this pre-state of play recording and tell us what you think! We also talked about Cross-gen titles, and how we think they should work.  This, well, isn't as big of a deal as you would think.  So come on in, gather around, and hear what we have to say.

December 4, 2019

2019 Games to remember

This year was, according to most critics, a less than stellar year in gaming. We decided to take a look and see what 2019 might be remembered for and which games might be the best choice as we wrap up the year.  Next week will be our awards, but for now let's dive into what made this year memorable! We also had some fun with Fallen Order Patch notes too.  Oh, and we spend a good chunk of change on the PS Drop.

Ah yes, the most wonderful time of the year is upon us: Black Friday Gaming. Matt takes umbrage with it, and Rob is not so sure he should as December is the most wonderful gaming time of the year. We discuss the pros and cons of gaming on the cheap during this time of year, and move into a conversation about why some trophies are just not fair the way they build them into the gaming experience. Plus, we highlight another potential PS5 ecosystem quality of life update. The Blog is here too with the latest game releases.

November 21, 2019

PS5 Cartridge Included

It's a week of rumors from PS5 Cartridges to COD Modern Warfare leaks and everything in between.  WE tackle the news of the past week, acknowledge how awesome Death Stranding is, spend way too much time talking about what we are playing, and look forward to the games releasing this week.  It's all here and all inside!

It's about that time for Jedi Fallen Order to release, and this week we want to get a head start on predicting everything about it, from sales to hours to beat to complaints and of course review scores.  We also tackle some of the news from the past week, and question the PS5 news we keep hearing about.

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