July 8, 2020

Price of Entry

This week it's all about the price of entry. The cost seems to be going up for next gen, and we are not surprised. We take a few moments to reflect on it and determine the good and bad of it. There's also lots of controversy over the Last of Us Part II still, with the voice actors getting threats from all directions. It's unwarranted, and here's why. Oh, and plenty of other news came soaring across the desk about Far Cry 6 potential reveals and Ubisoft's entrance into the Battle Royale genre. There's still no blog drop, but we got you covered as Rob went to the PS store for answers about what other than Iron Man VR is coming out this week.

June 30, 2020

Last of Us 2 Changes

It didn't take long for The Last of Us Part II to rile even more feathers, and spawn its own Change.org petition. We discuss the issues behind such a petition, our initial spoiler free impressions of the game after a few hours with it, and our initial concerns. It's also a week full of gaming news for Cyberpunk and Playstation 5. Finally, the PS BLOG drop has been a mess the past few weeks and we take measures into our own hands, doing an improv style description system for each game.

It's time, it's time, it's VAD--- er Playstation time! We watched it live with you on Youtube and Twitch, and now we are recording right after. We cover as many games as we can remember we wrote down, talk about the design of the console, and rate Sony on 1-10 for its presentation. We determine what games we are most excited for, and look at which ones we were underwhelmed by as well. Then it is a brief stint through the news of the week. Short, sweet, and to the point, it's an early special edition of the PS Podcast where we are 1 community and you are too!

June 10, 2020

Times are a changin’

In times of unrest as we have now, companies begin stepping up to show their solidarity, not only in vocalizing their support, but by delaying their events. We cover those delays, talk about when some of them will come to fruition, and the rest of a sparse news week. We also highlight some of our favorite black characters from games that we both loved for their character and for the impression their story left on us. Finally, we solve the mystery of the Playstation Blog and make a decision about the upcoming weeks!
June 2, 2020

PS5 Predictions

Recorded before the delay of the PS5 event, we talk about what we wanted to see this week, the Last of Us Part II reveal from last week, the latest in the past week's news, and of course, lament the lack of a PSBLOG drop for new games on the store!  

May 26, 2020

I am Iron Man

This week Matt's moving out, of his apartment!  So I subbed in the all knowledgeable Adam, or Dukane the Wizard, a PSVR Youtube Content Creator. We highlight what else but the news! This week also includes the Iron Man VR Demo and our thoughts on why Sony could have a home run on their hands if they play their cards right.  Speaking of VR, should PSNow include PSVR games in the subscription, and why does PSPLUS not have them yet either?  Of course, we also explore our enthusiasm over Ghost of Tsushima as more details emerge, Rob also tackles the drop alone, and Adam tells us about Uni and getting into game development.  It might seem like a bit of a non-sequitur episode, but trust us, it all makes perfect sense.  Come on in! 

May 19, 2020

I see you, Ghost

It's been an Unreal week with Unreal Engine 5 and Sony showing off the latest assets for the next gen, as well as Ghost of Tsushima makes itself seen in an extended state of play. Oh, and there's photo mode in Nioh 2 now, which makes Rob want photo mode to be the standard for all games going forward. We also discuss the news over at Ubisoft and its lawsuit, Fallout76 has us still disinterested, and there's even some more AC Valhalla news on the way. It's a loaded week and we want to run down all the latest from the past for you.

May 14, 2020

Friendships at a Price

A deliciously filled week full of news last week, including PS5 news, MK11's pricey expansion pack, Prince of Persia rumors abound, Doom divorces, THQ plays trading cards with its IP's, and a fruitful week on the PSN with new games too!  It's a lot to take in and we do our best to parse through it and decide whether or not the price is right for MK11, how we feel about a shorter AC Valhalla experience, and if, and when Tony Hawk releases we will care about it.  Come on in!

Whoa, that escalated quickly did it not? Last week we saw an AC:Valhalla trailer released, Last of Us Part 2 not only had leak issues but a release date revealed, Ghost of Tsushima also dropped a new date, PS Plus May games garnered a very hostile reaction online, and Matt and I finally dove into PSNOW s we could talk about it properly.  It's been one busy week and that does not include the Keighley creation of Summer Game Fest also announced to begin in May and last through August.  We tackle it all, take on the PS Drop, and what we've been playing as well.  It's a packed week condensed into the biggest and best for you!

Last week was big for Horizon Zero Dawn 2 news, NPD sales showed us that despite Coronavirus you cannot slow down COD and Animal Crossing, and of course we ask the all important question: Do Gamers ever know what we want? We highlight this in light of core Fortnite players issues with the game, but broaden to talk about gaming as a whole.  There's also the PSBlog drop, which sees exciting games coming out this week, and the highlights and low lights of what we've been playing.  Come on in!

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